Wilfrid Laurier Student Housing – Apartments for Rent Near, Wilfrid Laurier Residence

If you’ve set your sights on Wilfrid Laurier University, you’re in for a treat! As far as study goes, it doesn’t get much better than this. Wilfrid Laurier University is a leading Canadian university known for academic excellence and a culture that inspires lives of leadership and purpose. With so much to keep you busy during your time as a student, it’s best to find a place to live that has everything you need.

Living close by during your university years is the best way to save yourself some valuable time. Our Wilfrid Laurier student housing is just down the road, which means you can forget having to worry about a long commute. Roll out of bed and enjoy a short walk of fresh air to start your classes. At the end of a long day, head back to our Wilfrid Laurier residence. Your search for the best apartments to rent in the area stops here.

Discover your very own home away from home

Our WLU student housing creates the perfect homely atmosphere to make sure you feel comfortable when you’re not busy in classes. Relax back after a draining day and make the most of our amazing facilities that come with our student housing. We take care of everything, including the furniture, so you can move in and make yourself at home.

If you’re searching for an apartment to rent near Wilfrid Laurier University, then look no further. Our student housing has been designed to offer everything you need for your study years, with a number of handy facilities for you to take advantage of. Put all the time you save on the commute to good use, checking out the local neighbourhood or mingling with other university goers.

Another great benefit that comes with our student housing is the ability to meet others studying alongside you. Form friendships, mingle in the common areas, and make these years ones to remember – and not just about academics.

Check Out the Neighbourhood

There’s also plenty to see and do around the area. Take a wander through the streets and find the perfect bakery for your morning coffee, or restaurants to check out after a long day of study. 

You will have so much free time without a commute to factor in, which means soaking up that fresh air and really connecting with your home away from home.

It’s also easy to socialize after class, head out with friends, and be able to just walk home afterwards.

Make Yourself At Home in Our Off-Campus Housing Facilities

You’ll find that our student apartments offer so much more than just a functional living space. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Spacious floor plans with en-suite washrooms
  • Fully equipped fitness centre
  • State-of-the-art games room
  • Dedicated study floor

Study is important, but equally so is relaxation and being able to unwind. Make use of it! Head to the games room, work out in the fitness centre, or simply sit and chat with friends. It’s all about making your time count.

Searching for apartments to rent? Now’s your chance to book a tour and discover your new home away from home.