University of Waterloo Residence – Student Apartments Near uWaterloo, Off-Campus Housing

Geared up to study at the University of Waterloo? Congratulations! Students are drawn to the University of Waterloo for its leading academic programs. You’ll be busy with your studies, so it’s important to choose a housing option that offers comfort and convenience. 

Save yourself precious time with our University of Waterloo residence. No more long commute. No more wasted time. Our apartments near University of Waterloo are just a step and hop from bed to university so you can enjoy all the downtime you need.

A home away from home

Our uWaterloo off-campus housing is the perfect home away from home while you study. Spend your days in classes, and then enjoy your time off by making the most of our superior facilities. All apartments come fully furnished. Check out our off campus housing below.

Searching for apartments near the University of Waterloo? Your search is over. Our off-campus housing has everything you need to enjoy your university years in style. We have the perfect mix of socializing and study opportunities with all our handy facilities available to you.

Our communal areas are the perfect place to mingle with other uWaterloo students and socialize. The private bedrooms make the perfect escape when study is on the mind.

Explore the Area

After you finish a busy day at the University of Waterloo, you can spend your afternoons exploring the area and the many restaurants nearby with other uWaterloo students.

Forget the long commute home. You have everything you need right here at our uWaterloo housing, so you can spend your days doing the things you love.

Get together with classmates, enjoy some downtime, or simply wander the streets and get to know the locals. Everything is just a quick stroll away for you to enjoy.

Superior Off-Campus Housing

Our student apartments offer far more than a comfortable space where you can relax in between classes. They also have everything you need to make the most of your uWaterloo days. Here’s what residents love about our student housing:

  • Spacious floor plans with en-suite washrooms
  • Fully equipped fitness centre
  • State-of-the-art games room
  • Dedicated study floor

Take advantage of downtime between classes while you’re not at the University of Waterloo. The extensive range of facilities we have in our student apartments give you plenty of options. Whether you’re looking to spend time with friends or just sit back and relax, we have everything you need. 

Now’s your chance to book a tour and discover your new home away from home.