Gifts Under $30 for Everyone on Your List

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The holiday season can easily push you to the limits of your budget when you have many people on your gift list. The good news is it’s possible to find items friends and family members will definitely appreciate for under $30. All you need is a little inspiration.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone can benefit from a bluetooth speaker. It’s ideal for playing music when friends are over and listening to podcasts while doing chores. Prices have come down considerably since bluetooth speakers first hit the market, meaning you can now find a high-quality model for less than $30.

2. Fragrance Sampler

Who doesn’t love receiving perfume as a gift? The difficulty can be choosing the right scent. The solution is a fragrance sampler. Since it has several perfumes in one box, the recipient is sure to love at least a few of them — you even may help someone discover a new favourite scent.

3. Makeup Brushes

It’s important to replace makeup brushes now and again, as they eventually become worn, damaged, and unhygienic. Give someone you care about a well-deserved upgrade with a selection of new brushes.

4. Candles

A candle can be comforting during the cold, dark winter evenings. Search for a unique scent that will forever make the recipient think of you.

5. Beanie

Stylish and practical, a beanie is another ideal winter gift. Particularly fashionable this year are those in cable knit with pom-poms.

6. Portable Air Purifier

A top gift idea for those who want to improve their health is an air purifier. Portable models are particularly inexpensive and enable recipients to take them anywhere. This is an especially great choice for someone who lives in a big city where there may be high levels of pollution.

7. Spice Blends

If you have someone in your life who loves to cook or who would like to experiment with more new flavours, some traditional spice blends could be the perfect gift. It should encourage the recipient to try out some new recipes — and maybe you’ll be invited to a meal!

8. Mug

A gift idea that’s inexpensive and easy to personalize is a mug. Find a design you know will resonate with the recipient or even print your own design.

9. Paint By Sticker

Having a simple craft to do can be an ideal way to relax on a lazy weekend. A new trend is paint by sticker — it’s like paint by numbers but much less messy. The result is a masterpiece that will look great on the wall of any student’s bedroom.

10. UNO Cards

UNO is simple enough for kids, but it never gets boring, even as an adult. Find a novelty set for a friend and you’ll be able to play together when you have nothing else to do.

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