9 Solo Activities for Students to Enjoy

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Something many students find overwhelming when they start university is the amount of time they’ll spend around other people. If you’re used to being alone, this can be a difficult adjustment. The good news is there are plenty of solo activities you can try whenever you feel like being alone.

1. Explore Campus

There are sure to be places on campus you haven’t discovered yet. Enter new buildings, follow a staircase you’ve never climbed to see where it goes, or just wander the grounds. You never know — you may find something interesting.

2. Go to the Gym

If you haven’t yet visited the campus gym, this could be a great solo activity. Try out the different machines and experiment with a few types of workouts. There may even be fitness classes on offer for you to join — this is the perfect opportunity to discover an activity you enjoy.

3. Do Some Creative Writing

You’ll likely do a large amount of writing during your time at university, but this is for assignments rather than pleasure. You can also turn to writing whenever you want to do something creative. Try journalling or creative exercises like stream of consciousness writing or flash fiction.

4. Go Window Shopping

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can go shopping — just limit yourself to window shopping. Check out what’s trending to see if you restyle any of your current outfits.

5. Watch a Movie

With streaming, you’re often so spoiled for choice, it can be difficult to pick anything. The solution is to pick something at random — if it turns out to be terrible, you can always stop watching. Alternatively, head to the movie theatre to watch the latest release or see if they’re screening anything on campus. If you’ve never gone to see a movie on your own before, it may feel odd at first, but there’s a good chance you’ll find it’s something you enjoy.

6. Try the Different Food Options on Campus

Make sure you try an item or two from the menu of all the different food options around campus. You may find one is surprisingly good.

7. Read for Pleasure

Reading is something you can do anywhere at any time, including in your apartment, at a park, or in a comfy spot in the campus library. Look on your bookshelf for something you’ve been meaning to read and get stuck in.

8. Discover New Music

Look at playlists for genres you like on the music-streaming platform of your choice. You’re sure to find at least a few new favourite songs, perhaps even a favourite band.

9. Order a Custom Drink at Your Local Coffee Shop

Instead of drinking the same thing every time you go for coffee, ask the barista to mix you up something special. Try different custom creations until you’ve crafted something spectacular. For instance, you could add a couple of syrups, add some spices, or ask the barista to blend something like biscotti, ice cream, or fruit into your drink.

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